Central Air-Conditioners

What To Include With Your Rebate Application

It should not take longer than 8-10 minutes to complete this rebate application process as long as you have everything you to need to finish. That includes the name and address for the rebate payment and the name and address where the equipment has been installed. You will be asked to enter the installation date, serial number, AHRI number, and the rated SEER. You will also be asked to upload a copy of your itemized invoice or detailed receipt that also has the model number listed on it.

The rated SEER is the equipment’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The AHRI number is the certification number for this rating. You can obtain these numbers from your dealer or through the AHRI directory by CLICKING HERE

The heating and cooling industry updated its efficiency ratings for 2023. Cooling efficiency is now SEER2 and heating efficiency is now HSPF2. Your will installer will locate these ratings, along with the capacity ratings, on the unit's AHRI certificate as show below. In most cases the original SEER and HSPF can also be found on that certificate. However, if they are not then you may use this cross reference table to determine eligibility.