Electric Vehicle Charger

Rebate is only available for ESVI that serves Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles with an electric range of at least 50 miles and Full Electric Vehicles. 

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Electric Vehicle Charger

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Date must be between 1/1/2023 and 12/31/2050.

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01/01/2023 12/31/2050 Electric Vehicle Charging Station (>= level 2)

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By submitting this form electronically, you certify the provided information is truthful and accurate and that you have purchased and installed the identified equipment or completed the identified project. Utility reserves the right to withhold a rebate if any entries are found untruthful or inaccurate and may take extraordinary steps to validate the claims including, but not limited to, a site visit to verify the new efficient products have been installed.

General Program Information 


Residential/Commercial/Non-Profit Rebates 

Rebates will be issued to the party that paid for the energy efficient item(s).  If that party also occupies the residence/business where the device was installed, the rebate will be paid as a credit to the utility account at that location.  If that party does not occupy the residence/business where the device was installed, the rebate will be applied as a credit to another utility account in that party’s name or will be given in the form of a check.  Payment will be made upon approval of completed application, sales receipt, and LMPC verification.  Rebates are offered on a first come, first served basis. Rebate limitations are listed in Table 1. 



Table I 

Maximum Rebate Allowances 

Annual maximum amount for all residential, commercial, and non-profit rebates to be paid by LMPC for this years’ Rebate Program: $15,000.

Annual maximum Residential rebate per dwelling: $3,000

Annual maximum Commercial rebate per dwelling: $5,000

Annual maximum Non-Profit rebate per property: $5000

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